Copyright 2017, Mount Carmel College, Conference, Bengaluru, Karnataka, INDIA.  All Rights Reserved 1. Technological approaches for sustenance of health and wellness. 2. Entrepreneurial ventures in health care. 3. Healthcare awareness. 4. Innovative technologies in food and nutrition. 5. Virtual health. 6. Brain monitoring techniques. 7. Focus on endemic medicinal plants in health care and their restoration. 8. Impact of environment on irreparable health issues - Organism to         molecular level. Pre conference workshop Theme 1. Every Knowledge exercise needs to be responsible to society. The  conference aims to conduct Pre conference work shop for grass root  workers in the rural areas like Self help group leaders (SHGs), Anganwadi  workers (AWs) and Accredited social Health Activists (ASHA). To assess,  monitor and sustain good health the role and importance of technology will  be given to the participants and they can spread it over to their groups. 2. For others, it will be a training program on bioinformatics and its role in  clinical applications, along with hands on training on biomedical  instrumentation.